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T.E.D – Thought Education Dissemenation

An idea, we all have it. In the morning while drinking a coffee we think, we reflect on greater things. What if our idea would be the one that could change the world and make it a better place. How to spread our thoughts and inspire others? T.E.D – Thought Education Dissemination was a training course that aimed to equip youth workers with needed competencies to communicate their passion. We have invited 24 youth workers (2 per country) from 12 different EU countries to Murzasichle, Poland. We enhanced their communication competencies and empowered skills of spreading their ideas to inspire youngsters (and others) they work with. While using methods of non-formal [...]

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Studysession ”ADV-ENT-URE”

ADVENTURE is a study session organized by Youth Social Rights Network in partnership with Youth Express Network and in co-operation with the European Youth Centre of the Council of Europe the Youth Department.  Its aim is to increase the capacities of youth councils to improve: access on social rights of young people and the implementation of the  Recommendation of the Committee of Ministers to member States on the access of young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods to social rights.  With ADVENTURE we want to provide opportunities for national, local youth councils and youth workers to deepen their knowledge and understanding of social rights and map ways of addressing  social rights challenges in different realities; to [...]

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KinderKlimaatTop Drechtsteden 2017

De gemeenten in de Drechtsteden organiseren in samenwerking met Stichting Be Innovated de regionale (Drechtsteden) KinderKlimaatTop 2017!  De KinderKlimaatTop bestaat uit voorbereidende lessen op school en een interactief programma, op een nader te bepalen locatie in de regio, op vrijdag 10 november 2017. De KinderKlimaatTop biedt de leerlingen de mogelijkheid om, via ontwerpend leren, na te denken over een probleem en daar zelf oplossingen voor te bedenken. De hoofdvraag van de KinderKlimaatTop is “Hoe ziet onze wereld er in 2050 uit?”. Welke duurzame oplossingen kunnen de leerlingen bedenken voor energie, mobiliteit, water en afval? Voor verdere ontwikkelingen, like onze facebookpage om op de hoogte blijven!

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